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“Exceptional pieces allow us to glorify the art of watchmaking and its mechanical complications on a larger, more observable scale. The external aesthetics must be equivalent in workmanship and craftsmanship to the complexity of the internal movement.”

– Michel Parmigiani

Recreating exceptional moments

According to Michel Parmigiani, highly complicated table clocks and works of watchmaking art are a means of expression and a way of demonstrating expertise. The Oriental Flower, the Cat and Mouse, or the Dragon and the Pearl of Wisdom: Since the House was founded, these pieces have brought historical artistic crafts and trades such as enameling, engraving, and even rare stone jewelry back to life.

La Rose Carrée, Parmigiani’s Paragon

La Rose Carrée is the fruit of a passionate and common labour. Restorer, designer, case maker, beveller, engraver, dial maker, chain maker and master enameller all came together. As this project is profoundly related to the crafts of yore, they became known as “les mains d’or” or the golden hands, as the best craftsmen used to be called. They gave their utmost best to this project inspired by Michel Parmigiani’s vision. They all got behind his design principles rooted in the mathematics of beauty, as the Fibonacci-sequence is often called. They all adhere to the same work ethic, the preservation and elevation of the classics of watchmaking. They share the same love of things done in the best possible way.

This network of artisans, some working inside Parmigiani Fleurier, some at the brand’s restoration workshop, others independently working hand in hand with Michel Parmigiani for years, are proud to partake in the rebirth of a movement of extraordinary complexity and quality. They all adhere to the principle set by Guido Terreni: honour tradition and bring modernity to the excellence and broad skill set of Parmigiani Fleurier.

Hippologia, the height of artistic craftsmanship

This unique piece embodies the encounter between a designer, a watchmaker, an automaton designer, and a crystal maker. Hippologia is inspired by tempus fugit, which means “time flies” in Latin. To tame time – not to subdue it, but to better appreciate it – is the starting point for creating this exceptional automaton and watchmaking piece representing a mare and her foal.

The Hijri calendar watch, a world first

Parmigiani Fleurier is the first Swiss haute horlogerie house to create a continuous mechanical Hijri calendar. This unique timepiece, created after several months of research, indicates the time over a 30-year periodic lunar cycle, alternating the 19 common years and the 11 leap years.

The Dragon and the Pearl of Wisdom: Bringing a creation myth to life

To pay tribute to the Chinese year of the water dragon, the House reinterpreted the famous legend of the carp that becomes a dragon. Choosing to use an imperial dragon in pursuit of the pearl of wisdom to depict this Chinese myth, Parmigiani Fleurier demonstrates the extent of its knowledge of haute horlogerie through this exceptional piece.

The Fibonacci Pocket Watch, inspired by the golden ratio

The Fibonacci Pocket Watch celebrates artistic excellence and technical performance while highlighting the natural harmony of nature. Its aesthetics and mechanism pay homage to craftsmanship and the art of restoration.

Featuring a grand complication, enameled decorative elements, a stone setting, and engraving work, it concentrates all the historical know-how dear to the House since its very beginnings.

The Gaïa Sun Clock, a fusion of excellent craftsmanship

In 2015, Parmigiani Fleurier and Lalique joined forces to create the Gaïa Sun Clock. With its Lalique crystal casing and Parmigiani Fleurier’s signature watch dial craftsmanship, topped off with a movement created in-house, it reflects the fusion of haute horlogerie with expert jewelry and crystal craftsmanship. It also echoes the many creations that illustrate the theme of Day and Night in René Lalique’s jewelry work.