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Parmigiani Fleurier’s expertise

Parmigiani Fleurier was founded in 1996 by the renowned master watchmaker and restorer Michel Parmigiani. Since its inception, it has drawn on its know-how and expertise in the art of restoring antique timepieces.

Having its own watchmaking center allows Parmigiani Fleurier to design, produce, decorate, and assemble all the components of each of its timepieces, controlling every stage of the production process.

An independent manufacture

The quality of Parmigiani Fleurier’s timepieces is ensured by the creation of its own watchmaking center in 1996. This comprehensive center of industrial craftsmanship brings together all the areas of expertise required to create a timepiece, from the balance spring to the train wheel and from the case to the dial.

Vertical and independent, this manufacture encourages creativity and innovation while guaranteeing optimal quality.

The know-how of more than fifty historical trades

Behind each Parmigiani Fleurier watch are more than 50 historical trades, from enameller to guillocheur.

The House’s manufacture brings together designers, engineers, craftsmen, and watchmakers who work in a continuous quest for excellence, valuing technical expertise, manual skill, and the care given to each detail.

A vision guided by creativity and innovation

The story of each watch begins with an idea that the House’s various departments bring to life. First, there is the brand department, where the watch family strategy is decided. Then there is the restoration department, which provides the source of inspiration and knowledge for the current creations.

The timepiece takes shape in the design office, headed by Michel Parmigiani, before being assembled and created by the teams at the watchmaking center.

Certified quality

As one of the only brands in the world to have its own manufacture, Parmigiani Fleurier participated in creating the Fleurier Quality Foundation, the first qualitative and independent watchmaking certification for watches made 100% in Switzerland. This initiative is supported in particular by the public authorities, including the Swiss Federal Government (SECO), as well as by the watch brands and manufactures located in Fleurier.