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Our after-sales service network

A full service is recommended to maintain the functions of your watch and ensure its long-term performance.

Parmigiani Fleurier’s after-sales service ensures that all the functions, accuracy, and original sheen are restored to every watch that leaves its workshops.

The watchmakers in this department, wherever they may be in the world, were all trained in Fleurier in accordance with the strictest haute horlogerie standards. All the international customer services have an approved certification level that guarantees their expertise and the type of complications on which they can work.

The certified Parmigiani Fleurier network is also your point of contact for any questions about your watch, a full service, or selected services. Any repairs performed outside of these service centers will void the warranty.

Discover the steps in a full service

1. Identification and diagnosis

When your watch arrives at a certified Parmigiani Fleurier service center, it is identified using its unique serial number, which makes it possible to trace its history. The watchmakers start with a full diagnosis and determine the work that needs to be performed. You will receive a detailed quote listing the essential and optional repairs.

2. Dismantling and cleaning

The movement is removed from the case and then completely dismantled. A watch movement contains between 150 and 750 components; each one is cleaned using special technology comprising a series of baths and ultrasonic equipment.

3. Inspection and replacement of components, as needed

Each component is subject to a detailed diagnostic, and all the necessary components are replaced in the event of wear or if a mechanism has been improved since the last service.

4. Lubrication

Only a tiny amount of high-quality lubricant is needed to keep your watch running in peak condition. For each movement, up to nine different types of oil are applied. There are between 50 and 150 specific lubrication points per watch, each of which is essential for it to function properly.

5. Movement adjustments

Your timepiece’s movement is meticulously reassembled and adjusted. Each step is subject to strict reliability checks.

6. Reassembly and polishing

Once the movement has been reassembled and its reliability ensured, it is carefully reinstalled in its case. All the gaskets are changed and polished to restore the case to its former glory.

7. Water-resistance tests

Tests are carried out and verified using a high-pressure machine to ensure the case is water-resistant after being reassembled

8. Final quality control

After every full service, your watch undergoes a final quality control to test all of its specifications and its regularity over several days. That is how the reliability of your Parmigiani Fleurier watch is guaranteed.

2-year service warranty
After every full service, your watch is granted a two-year warranty extension covering the work that was performed.

Find a service center

Only official retailers with specialist knowledge are authorized to sell and service a Parmigiani Fleurier watch and to guarantee your watch’s authenticity.

The certified Parmigiani Fleurier network is also your point of contact for any questions about your watch, a full service, or selected services.